Kombucha Making Course

Kombucha Tea! Why not attend a wonderful 2 hour hands-on Kombucha making course right here at Mbala Private Camp’s kitchen?  Kombucha tea making is covered comprehensively, from sourcing the ingredients to bottled beverages in a variety of flavours. Learn more about the ancient history and amazing health benefits of organic natural Kombucha Tea. We will prepare you step by step for making and brewing your very own Kombucha at home without difficulty.

Included in the course will be the complete starter pack which includes the glass brewing  Jar, a lovely healthy fresh SCOBY, starter tea liquid, sugar and our delicious green tea blend all for your first own homemade brew!

In the Kombucha making course we’ll cover all aspects of SCOBY health and tea brewing with lots of time to ask questions as well as being able to experience first-hand all the ingredients and elements that go into making a great natural Kombucha Tea.

The information and recipes are printed out in an easy to understand take-with workbook. There will be lots of tasting at the various stages of brewing and fermenting, as well as lots of time to familiarize yourself with all the ingredients you’ll be using, ensuring you’ll be confident and ready to brew your own lovely Kombucha Tea at home.


R350 / Once / Per Guest