2022 Seasonal Menu

Healthy Seasonal Menu

Ingredients are from the farm, seasonal and what’s available at the time. We keep to a simple, organic, healthy menu. We prepare everything by hand and from scratch where possible. This is only a sample; items and ingredients change and vary on the day!


– Booster Juice Shot (e.g beetroot, cucumber, carrots, ginger, & apples)
– Chai Blueberry Coconut Crunch Bowl
– Freshly-baked Quiche (e.g Asparagus, Spinach, Feta, Mushrooms)
– Tea/Coffee/Kombucha


– Vietnamese Clear Rolls with Wasabi Mayo and Dipping Sauces
– Deep Fried Beef Croquettes with Sweet BBQ Sauce
– Quinoa SuperSalad (Includes Chickpeas, Moringa, Feta, Almonds)
– Pickles and Ferments (e.g beans, kimchi, radish, vegetables)


– Bone Broth Shot
– Chicken & Mushroom Pastry PotPie with Grilled Mozzarella Chilli Cheese Topping
– Seasonal Vegetables (Butternut, Spinach, Cauli mash, Carrots)
– Farm salad (Lettuce, Turmeric, Kale, Tomato, Onions, Radish)
– Hot Spiced Apple Pocket with Creamy Coconut Ice Cream
– Tea/Coffee/Kombucha

Guests cater for their own Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic beverages. 1kg Ice available/Day otherwise additional ice sold per bag

Please note: We do not serve pap and vleis, and there are NO self service braai facilities available.